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Most physical and mechanical phenomena concern in fact only the surface, the outer layers of the material.
This explains the increasing importance of Surface Treatments, which lead to a modification of the superficial characteristics of the materials (substrates).

Except for the devices for surface hardening, the Surface Treatments realised by TECHNOVAL consist in the projection of a building-up material on the substrates by means of the following techniques :

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  • Supersonic projection of powders. (HVOF).
  • Plasma GAP powder projection.
  • Cold metallization with a powder (Power Flame Spray Process) or with wires (Wire Flame Spray Process).
  • Coating by spraying then fusing the building-up material.
  • Building-up by means of electrical welding (electrodes or wires)
Our Surface Treatment equipment is installed in a 150 mē specially adapted workshop (soundproofed cabin, automatic lathes and handling devices, ventilation and air filtering installation, ...).

These various processes allow to deposit a broad range of metals (Ni, Cr, Al, W, Mo, Cu,...), of metal alloys, carbides, cermets and even of plastics, on metal or synthetic components.

The main applications of the Surface Treatments offered by  TECHNOVAL  are:
  • Reclaiming worn parts (bearing of roller bearing, of   seal seats,...).
  • Increasing the surface hardness resistance to abrasion.
  • Protection against corrosion and effects of chemical agents.
  • Increasing or lowering electric condustivity.
  • Improving the slipping properties (Mo, Bronze,...).

We also carry out the working of the refurbished parts in our mechanical department : lathe work, milling, grinding.

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